Sunny Megatron - Sex Educator & Pleasure Advocate

Sunny Megatron is an adult sexuality educator, public speaker, sex blogger at, and pleasure advocate. She guest lectures at universities and teaches at public and private venues across the country with her partner, Ken Melvoin-Berg. They cover a wide variety of topics including Intro to BDSM, Sex Toys 101, Oral Sex Basics, The G-spot and Female Orgasm, Anal Play, Non-Monogamy, Electric Play, and more.

In her home city of Chicago, Sunny also hosts Red Light District Sex Tours. These tours are part sex history and part modern day sex-ed and allow guests to visit some of the sexiest spots in the city for hands-on instruction. Sunny makes television appearances and was most recently featured hosting a Sex Tour on The Travel Channel. Behind the scenes she is an adult content copywriter penning how-to’s on sensual subjects ranging from the commonplace to extreme. Sunny’s most current project is as pleasure products segment host on an upcoming national television show about sex and the adult industry.

This former “vanilla,” corporate, working mom became an active member of the BDSM and non-monogamous communities in her mid 30’s. Her unique experiences and mid-life revelations are what help make her so relatable to people at various points in their sexual journey. These experiences also served as the catalyst that inspired her to pursue a second career in adult sex ed. Sunny is most known for her approach-ability, humor, and ability to present alternative sexuality topics in a way that is accessible and understandable to the mainstream. She is also extensively knowledgeable about sex enhancers like dildos, vibrators, and BDSM gear.

Passionate about sex positivity, self exploration, pleasure based sex education, sexual safety, and women’s issues, Sunny believes sexuality isn’t shameful and it’s time we stop making it out to be. Her goal is to normalize all types of sexuality and end sexual stigma. Sunny particularly enjoys helping those curious about adding a little spice to their sex lives that aren’t sure where to begin.

Sunny Megatron is (in no particular order)
A Pleasure Advocate
Happily Partnered
Sex Blogger
Evil Scientist of Orgasms
Sex Educator
Body Positive
BDSM & Sexuality Copywriter
Accidental Superhero
Geeky Gamer Girl
CalExotics Expert Sexpert
Oxytocin Junkie
Public Speaker
Fucksaw Rabble-Rouser
Chicago Historian
Upcoming TV Segment Host
Tattoo Enthusiast
Professional Masturbator
Continual Jokester
Tour Guide
Glasses Whore
On a Sex Positive Mission

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You can pull on the cock, but if you’re pulling on the pussy, you might be doing it wrong.


You can pull on the cock, but if you’re pulling on the pussy, you might be doing it wrong.

I’m on the thing! #searstower

We went to the Shedd Aquarium and saw two turtles doing it reallllllly slowly #turtlesexytimes


With @sheenasnively doing secret stuff maybe you’ll see on TV later ;)

With @sheenasnivley doing secret stuff I can’t tell you about that maybe you’ll see on TV later ;)

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